About Décor Squared

At Décor Squared we believe that there is so much untapped space within your home and office. We've created a new and innovative design element to spice up just about any area of your house. Our recessed shelves are fully customizable and are made to fit between the existing studs in your home making them easily installed in less than 30 minutes. Remodeling or new construction, dressing up a boring hallway, creating a unique stairway, and organizing bathroom products just got easier!

  • Choose a Trim

    Many different types of trims available to choose from. Pick on that fits your style and current décor.

  • Pick a Trim Color

    Our quick ship options come in a standard white finish but you are free to finish it with any color you desire.

  • One of a Kind Background

    You have the ability to create any background possible. Any color from any major paint supplier or your own wallpaper you want to provide.

  • Size

    Need something a little different from our quick ship sizes? Let us know and we will be happy make you the perfect sized recessed shelf.

So Many Ways to Use a Recessed Shelf

- Bathrooms to Organize Product - Kids Bedrooms to Display Achievements - Hallways to Display Pictures - Kitchens to Show Off Knick Knacks - Stairways to add a Dramatic Effect - Entryways to Hold Keys, Phones, Sunglasses - Basement Remodels to Display Collectibles - Living Rooms Just for Anything - Master Bedrooms - Nurseries - Try Using 4 Horizontal Above Your Headboard - 3 Vertical in your Bathroom

The Possibilites are Endless